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I follow the Vadakalai SriVaishnava tradition because I believe . . .

By Gopalan Suresh Raj

I follow the Vadakalai SriVaishnava tradition because in addition to all other SriVaishnava qualifications, I believe:

1. The Lord SrimanNarayana is smaller than the atom in beings that are atomic in size. This is called 'Antar Vyapti' (Immanence). He is also greater than the greatest in the sense He pervades and surrounds everything. This is called 'Bahir Vyapti'. (Transcendence)

2. I believe SriMahalakshmi who is the ego of Sriman Narayana is inseparable from Him and also in addition to being the Mediatrix, and being Infinite (Vibhu) in Nature like SrimanNarayana, She is also part and parcel of the Paramathma and always along with Him grants salvation/emancipation/liberation from bondage/Moksha to the deserving.

3. One can have grief only when one cannot remove the suffering of another. But, the Lord SrimanNarayana is capable of removing suffering. So, there is no need for Him to grieve at the suffering of souls. As Sri Rama, He showed to the World how a human would feel and how one should react on seeing the misery of others.

4. I believe that Bhakti yoga and Surrender/Prapatthi/Saranagathi are both direct means to salvation/emancipation/liberation from bondage/Moksha, but Surrender/Prapatthi/Saranagathi is easy and immediate.

5. One who is NOT qualified to adopt Bhakti Yoga or any other means is qualified to do Surrender/Prapatthi/Saranagathi.

6. I believe as SriKrishna taught in verse 18:66 of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita that some positive gesture like Surrender/Prapatthi/Saranagathi is necessary on the part of the individual soul to deserve His grace lest He be deemed partial if He granted salvation/emancipation/liberation from bondage/Moksha to all and sundry, deserving, or not.

7. While electric current may pervade the universe, only bodies that come into contact with it observe its effects. Lord Sriman Narayana's grace is ever-overflowing, but it will not act without a cause. The Lord Sriman Narayana's grace only operates on those who strive to respond to it (Sahetuka Krupa).

8. Even though the Lord SrimanNarayana is willing to grant salvation/emancipation/liberation from bondage/Moksha just like a mother willingly breast-feeds her child, an endeavor like Surrender/Prapatthi/Saranagathi from the Prapanna/Surrenderer/Saranagatha is also essential just like a baby puts its mouth to its mother's breast to get fed.

9. Surrender/Prapatthi/Saranagathi has to be a positive specific act by the soul to the Protector/Saranya SrimanNarayana even though ultimately the Lord decides whether to grant salvation/emancipation/liberation from bondage/Moksha or not.

10. As long a soul acts by performing Surrender/Prapatthi/Saranagathi according to laid-down norms, the Lord SrimanNarayana forgives the sins committed by the soul and grants salvation/emancipation/liberation from bondage/Moksha at the end of that birth.

11. Both Lord SrimanNarayana and the individual soul enjoy the fruits of Surrender/Prapatthi/Saranagathi. For the Lord, there is the acquisition of a new servitor, and for the individual soul, the Prapanna/Surrenderer, gains the privilege to serve Him.

12. In verse 18:66 of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita, "Sarva Dharman Parityajya”, the Dharmas actually refer to the 32 Vidyas attached to Bhakti yoga which had already been given up by the soul due to incapacity and delay involved in observing them and the Lord SrimanNarayana offers to stand in their place.

13. All the sanctifying ceremonies, purificatory ceremonies, and all the preliminaries connected with Surrender/Prapatthi/Saranagathi should be gone through before performing Prapatthi.

14. All preliminaries (angas) have to be observed before performing Surrender/Prapatthi/Saranagathi, and the absence of even one of the accessories will vitiate the efficacy of the Surrender/Prapatthi/

Saranagathi, viz,

1. Anukulya Sankalpam

2. Praatikulya Varjanam

3. Mahaa Vishwasam

4. Kaarpanyam

5. Aatma Nikshepam

15. The contradiction between Upasana and the concept of resignation is only limited to the consciousness of the incompetence (Akinchanyam) which forms part of the Surrender/Prapatthi/Saranagathi itself.

16. While due respect should be given to all Prapannas, they should still perform and uphold their varnashrama duties/darmas and practices even after performing Surrender/Prapatthi/Saranagathi.

17. As compulsory daily duties are laid down by the Sastras which are the Lord's commandments, non-performance will tantamount to transgression of His commands (Ajna adhilangana) and will render the Prapanna/Surrenderer liable for punishment.

18. I believe Kaivalya is inferior to Paramapada/SriVaikuntam, and it is not eternal, and that Kaivalya is situated Outside of Paramapada/SriVaikun


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  1. I strongly feel Srivaishnavam, Visistadweidam and Ramanujar is one and the same,and creating more and more subsects lead to confusion and exploitation of natural divinity for wealth and power.